Kornél Kovács


Born: 1980, Szolnok, Hungary
Studies: GAMF Kecskemét, Engineer - 2003
Language: English, Hungarian


Tags: PHP, MySQL, Linux, Drupal, WordPress, GIT, SVN, cPanel, SysCP, nginx, VPS

] Workplaces

2000 - 2001: Partner Rádió (local radiostation), Kecskemét -> technician

2002: Local TV studio of Szolnok -> videographic, broadcast conduct

2003 - 2008: FiberNet Zrt. (telecommunication company) -> CATV network designer, PHP developer

2009 - 2011: Business Telekom Nyrt. (telecommunication company) -> PHP developer, system architect

2011 - 2016: ProfiTárhely Kft. (hosting company)-> Senior PHP developer

2016 - : ZNET Telekom Zrt. (telecommunication company) -> PHP developer

] My Experiences (PHP + MySQL at most)

- Designing and developing a ticketing system. (PHP, MySQL, Javascript)

- Designing and developing a CRM system of a telecommunication company. Connect with other 3rd party systems with unique interfaces (ex. billing system, TV headend, mobile internet service, etc.). Developing basic provisioning system. Back-end and front-end. (customer support system, contract administration, billing, webshop).

- Developing CRM system of a hosting company and automation of internal processes (customer support, ticketing, affiliate system). Developing a reseller portal with front-end and back-end processes (ex. commission calculation). Working with cPanel API. (PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, JQuery, Linux, cPanel)

- Developing an internal CRM system for a global direct selling company. Functions: clone personal website system, weboffice, newsletter management, video processing scripts (ffmpeg, convert), commission calculation, excel import/export, mobile optimization, webshop, online payment, customer support. (PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Linux, ffmpeg, convert)

- London based online agency (FDC Studio): Drupal 6-7-8 developing, updating core and modules, etc. Back-end at most. (PHP, MySQL, Drupal)

- Own CRM system developing (stock management, customer management, project and task management) (PHP, MySQL, jQuery)

] Own Projects (PHP + MySQL, Drupal, WordPress, Raspberry PI, Linux, Python)

- szupercella.hu: Drupal based website of the Hungarian Stormchasing Association. Migrated from PHP website with own developed migration scripts. GFS (Global Forecast System) view layer, receiving signals from EUMETSAT satellite and converting to graphical maps.

- StormPanel: Tools for storm chasers. Mobile optimized website system which able to use on the ground. Displaying forecast datas, maps. Tracking positions with GPS and show other teams positions too. Using different meteorological data layers on Google Maps. (hungarian article: http://szupercella.hu/stormpanel-elo-viharvadaszat)

- vandorbot.hu: hiking blog and accomodation searching service based on Drupal 7. Importing tracks from GPS devices and show the route on maps. Online marketing.

- turistaterkep.com: Responsive online mobile hiking map with the most popular hungarian hiking routes and pois. Automated crawling service from geocaching.hu and OSMAP.

- Radio 25: broadcast system for online radio stations (development ended in 2006). With IceCast server PHP and Perl. The system was able to automated broadcasting from MP3 library, collecting MP3 infos (from ID3 tags), handling external streaming sources, show archive, generating front-end display widgets (listening now, next track, etc.)


] Websites (PHP + MySQL, Drupal, WordPress)


benkokapu.hu (+ CRM: customer management, stocks, tasks)


cartel.hu (+ CRM: customer management, car document handling and notifiication system)





londonaesthetic.hu  Migrating static website to WordPress